We proudly offer many types and styles of professionally designed commercial and Home bar woodworking plans, pergola arbor plans, outdoor table plans, and outdoor  bar plans. Our collection will soon include curios, book cases, gun cabinets & other plans. Whether a woodworking professional or a Do-It-Yourselfer, you will find our plans to be of the highest quality available anywhere. We have the largest selection of bar plans on the internet. We stand behind every plan we sell.


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Save Time and money...

- All of our plans come with a complete list of lumber and materials needed to build the items of your choice. Buy only what you need. NO GUESSWORK! 

- You get fully illustrated 3D assembly drawings with step-by-step instructions and time saving tips to help speed your project to completion.

- All of our plans include detailed part drawings showing finished sizes, hole locations and machining details.

- Cutting sizes are listed for all wood parts so that you can cut all parts in advance to reduce shop time.

- We provide diagrams for cutting the parts out of standard dimensional lumber to optimize material usage and reduce waste. Many of the easy to build models do not require cutting diagrams.

- You also get a list of recommended hardware and source info for any special parts that may be required including the optional brass foot rails shown.

- All of our plans are available for direct digital download without shipping charges.

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