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Classic L-Shaped Bar Wine Rack Cabinet Our "Classic" plans are designed for those of us who love to make things with our hands; people who typically have a well equipped workshop, and are determined to turn every project into a masterpiece! These plans are no harder to build than the others, they are simply more detailed, and may take longer to complete. These bars require only average woodworking knowledge and equipment to build. The coved contour of the arm rail illustrated here is accurately machined using an easy setup on a standard table saw! Our plans include complete step-by-step instructions with illustrations showing exactly how it is done. If you prefer, you can use pre-machined arm rail moldings to cut down on machine time. Plans for the Classic L-shaped models are available in the standard layout shown and the reversed (mirror image) layout, as well as equal length sides.

Features for Classic models Include:
-Comfort coved arm rail design
-Recessed glass rail design with "clean outs" at ends
-Designed to accommodate brass foot rail
-Sectional design for easy assembly and setup.
-Liquor storage and wine rack cabinets (plans included) can be located anywhere under the top.
-Electrical raceway area provided under the top (if you decide to add lighting in the cabinets).
-The liquor cabinet module features glass doors with concealed hinges, 3-Tier bottle steps and mirrored interior rear.
-The Long side of the L shaped bar has an open space below the top which can be used to house a compact fridge or a trash can.
To make the parts, you should have a table saw, router, jig saw and an electric drill. To assemble your bar you will need some basic hand tools such as a hammer, power screwdriver and gluing clamps.

*** Average Cost to build: Costs of all hardware including door hinges, custom cut mirrors, door glass, special fasteners, brass foot rail and brackets
are included in the estimates. Costs of materials will fluctuate, and retail prices vary by locality.
* White Pine (Select Grade) with White Pine plywood (Furniture Grade)
** Clear Red Oak with 3/4" Oak plywood
Counter Style Wet Bar Plans.. .
L-Shaped Wet Bar with 45 Degree corner Counter Style Straight Length Wet Bar Gather 'Round The Corner Bar! ...a full featured Wet Bar design! Model HB-008 If you like to serve fresh draft beer, our "Corner Bar" design can fit a full size keg beer cooler with built in draft tower and provides plenty of counter area for drink preparation. There is also lots of space for glassware under the serving bar top. The lift gate is included in the plans but can be omitted from the bar without making any changes to the plans. You also have the option of machining the "comfort-coved" arm rail using your table saw and router (complete instructions are provided in the plans) or you can purchase pre-made arm rail moldings. We also provide instructions and illustrations in the plans showing how to assemble your bar to produce a reversed or "mirrored" bar layout.
Model HB-003 Counter Style Wet Bar design! The bar top and countertop surfaces are protected against spills and water stains by plastic laminate. This is particularly important for any wet bar. The armrail provides the warm feeling of wood with rounded edges and radiused corners for the comfort of your guests. This bar can be constructed using Red Oak and Oak plywood for about $500 in materials. This estimate (which is itemized in the plans) includes all wood used, all hardware including sink, faucet, door hinges, shelf brackets, plastic laminate and all finishing materials. Alternate White Pine construction is estimated at about $350. A brass foot rail can be added if desired. Overall Dimensions: 102 1/4" x 30 7/8" x 44 1/8" High. This wet bar provides comfortable seating for up to 6 of your guests! Get the Classic 9 plans bundle below!

L-Shaped Wet Bar with 45 Degree corner Counter Style Straight Length Wet Bar
L-Shaped Wet Bar with 45 Degree corner Plans
- Model HB-008 95 1/4" x 95 1/4" x 46 1/2" High including Lift Gate.
*** Average Cost to build: $800 in *White Pine, $1200 in **Red Oak.

Counter Style Straight Length Wet Bar Plans
- Model HB-003 102 1/4" x 30 7/8" x 44 1/8" High
This counter bar is designed to make bartending a pleasure and woodworking a breeze! The full length counter height worktop area provides plenty of space for mixing and serving. A standard size bar sink is located to the bartender's right. It can be used as a wet bar sink (when plumbing lines are available) or, as a dry sink, it can be filled with ice to "quick chill" your favorite beverages. Next to the sink, a recess is provided where you can install the mid-size compact refrigerator (2.5 to 2.7 cu. ft.) of your choice. The base cabinet to the left provides storage for bottles, glassware, etc and is designed to accept shelving mounted on adjustable brackets.
*** Average Cost to build: $380 in *White Pine, $500 in **Red Oak.

Classic L-Shaped Bar Standard Layout Classic L-Shaped Bar Reversed Layout
Classic L-shaped Free Standing Bar Plans
- We are proud to be offering plans for this L-shaped beauty. Our easy to use plans will provide the help you need to build your "ultimate" home bar. The plans include a built-in liquor cabinet with glass doors and wine rack. The liquor cabinet and wine rack are separate modules that can be placed anywhere under the bar top or ommited if desired. *** Average Cost to build: $855 in *White Pine, $1400 in **Red Oak.

Model HB-002 plus HB-002-R Standard and Reversed Layouts: 92" x 68" x 42 3/4" High.

Classic L-Shaped Bar - Equal Length sides Classic 7 Foot Straight Bar
Classic L-shaped Bar Plans - Equal Length Sides Model HB-002-E 68" x 68" x 42 3/4" High, otherwise the same specs as HB-002 above. *** Average Cost to build: $825 in *White Pine, $1350 in **Red Oak.

Classic Straight Bar Plans Model HB-001-AB 84" x 24" x 42 3/4" High, otherwise the same specs as above.
*** Average Cost to build: $580 in *White Pine, $960 in **Red Oak.

Deluxe Compact Bar Plans - Front View Deluxe Compact Bar Plans - Rear View

Deluxe Compact Bar Plans
- Model HB-004 54" long x 27" deep x 46" high. This model is loaded with features including the ability to accept an optional 2.5 cubic foot compact refrigerator and dry sink. At only 54" long, this compact bar is right at home in a small room and is packed with features usually only found in full size bars. Features include:
Comfort coved arm rail - Our plans provide complete machining details and setup information for making the arm rail molding using your table saw. If you would prefer not to make the molding yourself, you can use the Rockler arm rail molding without making any changes to the plans.
Recessed mixing counter - Accommodates stainless steel "lift-out" dry sink which can be used as an ice bin or for quick chilling of wine bottles or beverage cans.
Heavy Duty drawer - 5" deep drawer mounted on full extension ball bearing easy-to-mount drawer slides rated at 100 lbs load for lasting durability. The drawer body glides underneath the dry sink for maximum usage of space. Drawer installation is simplified through the use of our unique drawer housing design. No need to struggle with working in a confined space.
Liquor cabinet below drawer - Plenty of storage for tall bottles and other accessories enclosed with hinged door.
Right side door is optional - Details are provided to enclose the right hand side of the cabinet base with a full height door and to install an adjustable intermediate shelf.
Space for compact refrigerator - Simply omit the door and shelf parts from the right hand side and you are left with enough space to put a 2.5 cubic foot compact refrigerator or wine cooler.
Optional Brass foot railing - Extra strong base design permits the use of "bar mount" foot rail brackets eliminating the need for "floor support" or combination brackets.
Raised panel front design - Simplified design for vertical front moldings provides an attractive appearance to the front and sides of the bar.
Sectional assembly - Constructed in three sections (base,body and top) each assembly is illustrated using "exploded view" 3 Dimensional drawings with complete step-by-step instructions.
Complete documentation - 17 pages complete with materials and hardware lists, cutting list, cutting diagrams, sub-assembly and final assembly drawings, cross sections, complete details of all parts, drawer assembly drawing and complete information on how to make the coved arm rail. *** Average Cost to build: $595 in *White Pine, $870 in **Red Oak.

Customizable Bar with Lift Gate - Standard Layout Customizable Bar with Lift Gate - Reversed Layout

Standard Back Bar Plans
- This two-piece wall unit is just what you need to enhance your bar room layout. The upper section has lots of room for bottles, steins, and collectables. The back wall mirror adds "depth" to the display. The counter top is designed to accept a standard size stainless steel bar sink which of course, is optional. Best of all, our plans make this beauty easy to build Model BB-001. 78" wide x 76 1/2" High x 19" Deep. *** Average Cost to build: $545 in *White Pine, $760 in **Red Oak.

Corner Back Bar Plans - The counter top is designed to accept an optional stainless steel bar sink. Design features an adjustable TV shelf in the top section with adjustable glass storage shelves above the sink area. Comes with details for optional glass doors to enclose the top shelf. Model BB-002. 38" x 38" x 90" High*** Average Cost to build: $350 in *White Pine, $500 in **Red Oak.

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Your purchase includes ALL 9 "Classic" Bar Plans for the bar designs shown above making it easier for you customize your bar if you desire. Each plan is an individual PDF file delivered immediately after checkout. Each file can be saved to your local device drive, printed as needed, and can be re-downloaded for a full year after purchase.

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