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These plans can easily be edited to facilitate length changing. Choose from Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped or C-shaped configurations. Uniform design throughout makes length changing easy. Full size "Chicago" rail design. Plans include complete instructions and setup info to make the arm rail. "Lift gate" models are available. Plans include dimensioning in both English and Metric units. All models accommodate a standard drop-in bar sink with faucet or "dry sink" below the bar top as well as other options.

About the design...
Shape-Shifter plan sets come in standard lengths which are based on average room sizes. Where possible, the parts are designed to be cross cut from standard dimensional lumber to minimize cutting time and eliminate the need for cutting diagrams. Plywood part sizes are optimized to accommodate standard sheet width. All dimensions in the plans are provided in both English and Metric units, and include separate cutting lists for each. Start with one of the plans below that is closest to the configuration you want. Make whatever length changes you require to the cutting list. To assist in changing the length of the bar, the cutting list identifies the parts you need to change.

Standard Features:
-Full size contemporary "coved" arm rail design. Plans include complete instructions and setup info to make the arm rail using standard tools and equipment.
-Sectional base and top design to make room setup easy. This also makes "knockdown" easy for relocating the bar.
-Designed to accommodate optional brass foot railing.
-A drop-in hospitality/bar sink can be located anywhere below the bar top. Details are included.
-Shelf area under the bar top is provided for barware and tools.
-The lower base section can be open shelving or enclosed with hinged doors. Details are included.
-Designed for "no mortise" decorative door hinging.
-Recessed glass rail design with clean outs at ends
-Cutting lists included in English and Metric units.
-Length dimensions can easily be modified.
-"Lift gate" models are available for both straight and L shaped configurations to add seating capacity to your bar. The lift gate is mounted to the wall. The design includes "two hand release" safety locks that hold lift gate up when in the open position.

To make the parts
, you should have a table saw, router, jig saw and an electric drill. To assemble your bar you will need some basic hand tools such as a hammer, power screwdriver and gluing clamps.

Tools you will find useful: To shape the arm rail you should have a 6 or 8 inch diameter dado cutter set for you table saw. A standard saw blade can be used instead of a dado cutter by making multiple passes. You should also have a 3/4 inch radius round over bit for your router.
A pocket hole jig will save you hours of assembly time while providing strong joints that pull tight for a better appearance. It saves you money, since fewer wood parts are necessary in the design. It also saves money on hardware that might otherwise be necessary for assembly. This inexpensive tool will pay for itself many times over.

Average Cost to build: To build any Shape-Shifter model is estimated at $27 per foot if you use White Pine* and approximately $65 per foot when using Red Oak **. Hardware costs are included in the estimates. Options such as brass foot railing, sink etc. are not included in the estimates. Costs of materials will fluctuate, and retail prices vary by locality.

* White Pine (Select Grade) with White Pine plywood (Furniture Grade) ** Clear Red Oak with 3/4" Oak plywood
L Shaped customizable Bar Free Standing - Standard Layout L Shaped customizable Bar Free Standing - Reversed Layout
L shaped Free Standing Bar Plans
Model L5X8FS plus L5X8FSR Standard and Reversed Layouts: 96" x 60" x 44" High. Adjustable Length sides.

C Shaped Bar with Brass Foot Rail U Shaped customizable Bar
C shaped and U shaped free standing Bar Plans
- Model C6X10FS plus U6X12FS
C shaped Overall Footprint: 116 5/8" x 73 3/8" x 44" High. Adjustable Length Sections.
U shaped Overall Dimensions: 134" x 72" x 44" High. Adjustable Length Sections.

L Shaped Bar with Lift Gate - Standard Layout L Shaped Bar with Lift Gate - Reversed Layout

L shaped with Lift Gate at Wall Plans
- Model L5X8LG plus L5X8LGR
Standard and Reversed Layouts: 120" x 60" x 44" High. Adjustable Length sides

6 Foot customizable Bar Free Standing 12 Foot (2 piece) customizable Bar Free Standing

6 Foot Straight Bar Plans
- Model S6FS Overall Dimensions: 72" x 26" x 44" High plus
12 Foot (2 piece) Straight Bar Plans - Overall Dimensions: 144" x 26" x 44" High. Model S12FS Adjustable Length sections.

6 Foot customizable Bar Free Standing 12 Foot (2 piece) customizable Bar Free Standing

6 Foot Straight Bar Plans with Lift Gate
- Model S6LG plus S6LGR
Standard and Reversed Layouts: - Overall Dimensions: 101" x 26" x 44" High. Adjustable Length body.
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